Jalbhushan Multitrade is a firm believer of the values of innovation, quality, and ethical practices. Jalbhushan Multitrade has flourished using these concepts as pillars of growth. Organizations, business and people dealing with Jalbhushan Multitrade continue their dealing with the Company on a long term basis. The relationship thrives in the environment of mutual trust that reciprocates between Jalbhushan Multitrade and its business allies.

Management Team


Mr. Manish, a visionary and an entrepreneur with proficiency in every division of textiles, he has over ~12 years of experience in the industry. His meticulous planning, administrative skills and exhaustive sourcing capabilities have helped steer the company through countless opportunities and threats.


Mr. Ramesh provides his knowledge and support in the management and corporate compliances of the company. He is taking care of the day today affairs of the company. He has always supported strategic business decisions in the best interest of the companies; he has led and continues to lead.

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